Social Work Team

  • Intensive Social Advocacy and Support

Our Social workers provide advice, support, empowerment and advocay for people facing difficulties, personal issues, family issues, and community circumstances, including emotional and mental health concerns. We strongly promote awareness of child abuse, family violence, neglect, abuse of young people, effects of family violence and better understanding of community and social issues.

Our Social Workers deliver a variety of Social Work services to individuals, families and African communities with the aim to work in a wide variety of settings such as schools, hospitals refugee centres, government agencies, non-government agencies and community forums.

  • Home Visits

We provide individualised support and information. A family may assigned to a Social Worker who makes regular home visits in order to share information and practical ideas. It may be that the Social Worker will work with the family through their difficult times and models a programme to suit the family needs. The visits could include helping them to obtain services they need in the community.

  • Advocacy and Referral Service

New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust Social Workers assesses the family situations, provides emotional and practical social work support such as counselling, advocacy, co-ordination, liaison and referral to other social service providers and provide resource information.

Download: Family Support Referral Form

  • Community Links

New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust help new Migrants and Refugees to locate different African Associations, Doctors, Churches, Mosque and African Shops in New Zealand.

Driving Course

NZAWST promote safe driving and believe that everyone should be safe on our roads. New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust runs  safe driving courses which include Learners Licence, Restricted Licence and Full Driver Licence. We have a qualified diving instructor who had his training from AA New Zealand; he has an in-depth knowledge of New Zealand’s driver licensing system, road rules and has a solid overview of the legal aspects governing the driver training industry. Training with NZAWST driver instructor, you will learn tangible teaching skills and you will never go wrong, call us for an appointment today.

Family Support

NZAWST promote safe driving and believe that everyone should be safe on our roads. New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust runs  safe driving courses which include Learners Licence, Restricted Licence and Full Driver Licence. We have a qualified diving instructor who had his training from AA New Zealand; he has an in-depth knowledge of New Zealand’s driver licensing system, road rules and has a solid overview of the legal aspects governing the driver training industry. Training with NZAWST driver instructor, you will learn tangible teaching skills and you will never go wrong, call us for an appointment today.

Kids School Appointment & Home Work

At NZAWST we have Social Workers who understands our clients culture and language, we are ready to go with clients to their children school appointments if they think they have difficulties in understanding the Kiwi accent.

NZAWST also assist children with their school home work after school and organised school based programmes to encourage African childern with things like team building skills, social skills and self-esteem.

Women’s Health (ladies only workshop)

New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust invites Doctors registered Nurses to talk and answer any health related problems concerning teenager’s, women’s health and improving participation of African women in New Zealand. Call us for more information.

Parenting (Teach a child how to fish and he will fish for a lifetime)

Come and join us on a fun and practical Toolbox Parenting courses for Earlier Years 0-6 Years, Middle Years 6-12 Years and Teenage Years 12+. We all want to be great parents, and you will go home with a whole new set of parenting tools and ideas.

NZAWST run six weeks Toolbox parenting courses on a regular basis right through the year. our parenting courses are open to ant parent looking for practical tips and parenting inspiration. We live in New Zealand and we should know the Kiwi way of parenting. NZAWST believe that strong families are the essential building block of any strong and resilient community, and that parents are the leaders of families. Parents/caregivers start them out by teaching them what to do so they are hooked on positive things such as sports and not bad habits or drugs. Parenting involves caring, protecting and guiding a child to ensure they continually have their emotional, physical, and cognitive needs met.

Please call or email us today for the current course calendar: 09 8381530

Pre-school Programme Story Time (Fun Time)

New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust runs free fun time activity every Tuesdays 10.00am – 12.00pm for pre-schoolers and their caregivers/ parents, focus on learning with music, dancing, and storytelling. This helps the children to be more sociable with other children and release stress from their caregivers/ parents.

Cooking Programme

NZAWST runs a free cooking classes every Friday 12.30pm -2.30pm to teach clients how to cook on a budget, prepare healthy school lunches, and promote healthy eating to reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Work and Income NZ

NZAWST will work with you to make sure that you are receiving your full entitlement for example Accommodation Supplement, Working for Families etc.

Budget Advice

NZAWST aim to provide our precious clients with one on one budgeting advice and the knowledge to enable them to manage their financial affairs carefully.

Housing New Zealand Appointment

NZAWST have social workers who understand your culture and your language and they are ready to go with you to your Housing New Zealand appointments if you think you have difficulties in understanding the Kiwi accent.

Jobs (Employment)

Are you worried about how to find a job? Relax, do not stress out, New Zealand African welfare Service Trust (NZAWST) can assist you. NZAWST has vehicles that can pick you up from NZAWST Centre to your new work place for the first week before you receive your first wages. Even better, NZAWST will assist you with Bus routes, Bus numbers, and Bus times to and from your new work place. Please come and see us for more information.

CV Workshops & Cover Letter

NZAWST runs free one on one tutorial on how to prepare CV and Cover Letter. Come and see us today.

Interpreters (Strictly Confidential Interpreting Services)

New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust has interpreters who have registered and trained as interpreters with the Department of Labour. NZAWST interpreters have trained to ensure communication across language and cultural barriers is carried out in a competent and impartial manner.

NZAWST promised that all information gained by our registered interpreters in the course of duty shall remain strictly confidential and the information shall not be communicated, published, or in any way divulged to any person or organisation, other than the person or organisation engaging the services of the interpreter.



African Associations

Name/company: Ghanaian Association of New Zealand Inc
Address: P O Box 78308, Grey Lynn

Name/company: NZ Oromo Association Inc/Abduru
Address: 92 Fonteyn Street
Contact Number: 02102319688

Name/company: Ethiopian Association NZ
Address: 94 the avenue, Lynnfield
Contact Number: 09 6266132

Name/company: Ethiopia Community of Auckland Inc
Address: 9 William Bloomfield Ave, Mt Roskill
Contact Number: 09 620 2454

Name/company: NZ Oromo community/Abdul Ibrahim
Address: (previous) 217 Stoddard rd, Mt Roskill
Contact Number: 0211262618

Name/company: Maryke, South African – NZ institute of professional
Address: 7a William Pickering Drive, Albany
Contact: 0508333153, 079286690

Name/company: Association of Nigerians in NZ
Address: P O Box 17001, Green Lane

Name/Company: Zimbabwean Association of New Zealand
Contact: Katiyo


Name/Company: Christian Medical Centre
Dr. Emmanuel Ampofo
Address: 157a Wordsword Rd, Manurewa 2102
Contact: Number: 09 2667007 Fax: 09 267 6742


Name/Company: Elshaddai Worship Centre
Address: 60 Rock field Road
Contact Number: 09 9181695 ext 212

Name/Company: Redeemed Christian church of God
Address: 6c Honan place

Name/company: Afrikaans Christian Church of NZ
Address: 8 joy St, Albany highway
Contact Number: 09 415 6215

Name/company: African inland Mission international
Address: 290 Dom rd
Contact Number: 09 6206231

Name/Company: Light House Chapel International
Address:2/20 Te Pai place, Henderson
Contact: 09 837 1178

Name/Company: Afrikaanse Christen Kerk Northshore
Address: 40 Bronzewing Terrace, Unsworth heights
North shore City, Auckland
Contact: 09 4735320

Name/Company: Afrikaanse Christen Kerk Auckland
Address: 107 Clovelly Road
Buckland Beach, Auckland
Contact: 02790215

Name/Company: AfriKaanse Christen Kerk Auckland
Address: 69 seine road, Forrest hill, North shore city
Contact: 09 4769965

Name/Company: Victorious Hope Assembly of God
Address: 60 Barrys Road, Glen Eden, Waitakere City
Contact: 09 813 2109

Name/Company: Hands of hope Christian Centre
Address: 253 Buckland Road, Mangere
Contact: 09 257 0906

Name/Company: The Way Christian Church
Address: 33 Andrew Baxter drive,
Contact: 09 579 6951


Name/Company: South African shop
Address: 2B Arklow Lane
Stanmore Bay
Contact number 09 4280850 South African shop

Name/Company: Amaka Variety Shop
Address 127 Great South Rd
Hunters corner Papatoetoe
Contact number 09277495
Name/Company: S A Shop online
74 Clyde room
Browns Bay
Contact Number: 094823144

Name/Company the South African Shop
Address: 6c Rosedale Rd,
Contact: Number 09 4788016

Name/Company: Amaano Shop
Address: 224-226 Stoddard
Mt Roskill

Name: Company: Ama Kiwi-South African in New Zealand
Address: 5 Buckleys rd
Contact Number: 03 4200839

Name/Company: Avon Butchery
Address: 246 Apirana Ave
Glen Innes
Contact Number: 095211452

Name/Company: Out of African
Address: 18 Remuera Rd
New Market
Contact Number: 09 5245821

Name/Company: Inside Africa
Address: Unit 5 289 Colombo Street
Contact Number 03 4200839

Name/Company: Safari Meat SA Shop
Address: 5 Buckleys rd
Contact: 3897703

Name/company: Taste Of Africa
Address: 4 Break Water Rd
New Plymouth
Contact Number: 097513001

Name/Company: Inside Africa
Address: 253 Linwood rd
Contact Number: 09 8370101
Website: www.insideafrica.conz

Name/Company: Inside Africa
Address: 7 Mercury Way
ANZ Business Centre
Contact Number: 09 440305448

Name: Inside Africa
Address: Unit 72 Bishop Dunn Pl
Botany South
Contact Number: 09 9273524

Name: Fred’s Fine Foods
Address: Unit H Seville shops
25 Oheha Valley Rd
Contact Number: 09 4755403

Contact number: 09 8469663, Mob: 0211232037

Name/company: African Gems And Minerals
Address: Studio 79 Georges Terrace
Albany, North shore
Contact: Number 09 4471389

Name/Company: Paul Ince Adjei
Address: 81 Huia Rd, Otahuhu
Contact Number: 02102264314

Name/Company: Inside Africa
Address: 588 Chapel rd
Botany down
Contact Number: 09 2651626

Name/Company: Raymond Hani and Kave Paky
Address: Commercial Cleaning
Contact number: 0800505250, Mob: 021844634

Name/Company: Russell Page LLB
Address: 137 Victoria Street West,
Cnr Victoria Street and Nelson street, Central City, Auckland
Contact: 09 308 6419, 021322233 Fax: 09 308 6409

Name/company: African Thatch Roofing
Address: 9 Arrenway Dve
Contact Number: 09 4782281

Name/company: African Teak Ltd
Address: 81 Roberta cre, Orewa, HBC
Contact Number: 09 4267671
Name/company: African Enterprise New Zealand ltd
Address: P O Box 19149, Avondale
Contact Number: 09 5791287

Name/Company: Inside Africa/Shyan Singh
Address: 1a Bus comp road, Henderson
Contact Number: 09 837 0101

Name/Company: Fred’s Fine foods – South African food
Address: 52 Oteha Valley rd, Unit H, Seville shops,
Contact Number: 09 475 5403

Name/Company: Inside Africa
Address: Unit 7, Bishop’s Gat Business Centre
Te Irirangi drive,
Bishop Dunn place
Contact: 09 273 5342 Fax: 64 927 35242

Name/Company: Inside Africa
Address: 300 Te Iririrangi Drive
Botany south, Auckland
Contact: 09 2735242

Name/company: African Enterprise New Zealand
Address: P O Box 912023 Victoria Street,
Contact: 09 5791287