Miss & Mr Africa New Zealand (MANZ) is an exceptional annual beauty pageant and the only one of its kind in New Zealand. This prestigious pageant is designed to empower young females and males of African descent and inter generational African history i.e grand parents. The women men will be trained to be women and man who appreciate the meaning of inner beauty with the purpose of strengthening their characters to enable them to touch and change their lives and of those in their communities and the world at large.

By focusing on inner beauty, the pageant steers away from the norms that are present in society such as the focus on unattainable and superficial standards of beauty. This is done by highlighting the intelligence, capability and determination of these young women and women and also providing a platform to develop their community services and personal growth.

Along with providing a platform that encourages self awareness and self esteem, Miss & Mr Africa New Zealand is also a showcase of African talent, culture, heritage, fashion, music, art and beauty.