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NZAWST is ready to take their commitment to African youths living in New Zealand to the next level, with the launch of the African Youth Project.

Focusing on African youths from ages 13 to 24 years old, the objective for this Youth project is to ignite the light of African youths making them aware, rise up and wise up about their cultural identities as African Kiwi youth living in New Zealand. It is a chance to hear the stories of triumph, excellence and challenges that these youths have encountered in living in New Zealand. Bring them to a place of recognizing the differences between their cultures and how they have been able to negotiate and find a balance between their African and New Zealand cultural identities.

It is a chance to ignite the fire of confidence, self and cultural awareness so that our African youths can be taught to recognize, accept and utilize the opportunities around them and realize the potential that they have to do so. It is our hope and goal that this will be a platform of building strong mentioning programs for African youths in New Zealand.