NZ African Welfare Services provides opportunities for young people
to have greater participation in training, employment and education.

NZ African Welfare Services offers each person the opportunity to harness
their full potential

About Us

We are  not-for- profit and non government organisation that provide professional and cultural appropriate social services to empower, support individuals or the whanau (family). We provide networking, assistance, advocacy and guidance whilst working within the paradigm of the values and principles of the agency. New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust  (NZAWST) provides appropriate and sensitive services by responding to people’s needs regardless of their social status.

We are team of qualified Social Workers, Counsellors, Community Developers and Volunteers that identifies and interweave with the strengths of the community, Whanau, iwi and hapu as well as to gain a full understanding of reconnecting to what it is to be an African, and who is better to work with an African in Aotearoa than New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust.

We provide professional social services and counselling to facilitate holistic and meaningful support by empowering, advocating and accessing appropriate resources for African children, youth, individuals and families in New Zealand and to share their knowledge in order to support and work with them while preserve their heritage, culture, identity and language.